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Non Negotiable Terms & Conditions (as per our company policy)
a. Order & Booking
1. Minimum 70% of the total amount  is required to start production of any Order. However 10% token amount may be accepted to lock the deal. Balance Of advance has to be paid at earliest to avoid delay of production. Production will not be started unless full amount of advance is not given. In case of urgent order minimum 80% advance will be required. Delay in advance may lead to delay in delivery.
2. Extension of order and addition of new items is possible. Customer are requested to obtaining a fresh copy of order form with new Items.  Fresh Order will be  assumed & processed as new order and time of completion & delivery will be decided as per statuary conditions and may not be the same as previous order. Our advance term will remain same; hence 70% of advance is required and in case of urgency 80% is required.
b. Cancelation & collection
3. Goods will not be taken back once sold. On cancellation of any order No refund is claimable.
4. Goods not collected after one month of completion will be Moved to our warehouse. Buyer are requested to inform 15 Days Prior to reschedule delivery, This is the time required to refinish and transportation. To & Fro transportation charges & ware house charges as per standard rates will be borne by buyer.
5. Goods not collected within two month of completion will be sold on sale and no refund is claimable. Buyer will be informed by phone calls, SMS, or any other means available on completion.
6. Any particular order may be canceled by us and refund will be maid in full in case there is shortage of time, manpower and raw material. The right to the decision will be reserved with us.
c. Quality & Workmanship
7. Five to Ten percent of variation from the original image or sample may be there since its hand woven or handmade product.
8. We don’t take responsibility of Glass & Cushions. Buyer are requested to take special attention/care or resolve any such issue with respective vendor. In case of upholstery stitching, we will not be responsible for any stain and spot in the fabric due to handling . Glass will be order to glass vendor only 5 hour prior to delivery to avoid mishandling scratch and breakage.
9. Order goods will be made as per catalogue or presented in our showroom. No addition/alteration may be claimed unless it’s written on order form. Buyer are requested to sign and keep a copy of all specification and sketch. Any change in design, size, colour there after will be chargeable. By altering shape, Size and other specification provided by the buyer the final product may appear different form catalogue.
d. Delivery & Quality Check
10. Goods have to be checked for any problem prior to delivery. No goods will be repaired on Buyer premises. In any such case, to and fro transportation cost to our showroom/shop/workshop; cost of labor and additional raw material cost has to be borne by buyer.
11. For Finishing and quality refer to our standards. We have set basic three standards of finish and quality to choose and decide from during order writing. (A) Top quality finishing. As per showrooms.(B) Medium quality finish. Better then the average shops in this Market. (C) Lowest quality finish. Same quality as this market offers.  These standards depend on the price of the product.
e. Payment & Delivery
13. Customer is requested to report  6 hour prior to schedule delivery.
14. Goods will be delivered only after full and final payment at shop in cash. Goods will not be delivered if full payment is not made. We will not deliver goods partially unless buyer insists. In case of any partial delivery buyer is required to pay full amount of goods which has to be delivered and at least 75% of advance for the balance goods.
15. 2.5% will be charged for payment made by card.
16. Special permission has to taken for payment by cheque / Card. Out station cheque are not acceptable.


Applicable Vat & taxes Extra.
18. Buyer is requested to pay full Vat/Tax amount and collect the Bill. Price are exclusive of tax.
19. Delivery cartage will be prepaid and extra.
f. Insurance & Delivery
20. All goods are insured till our showroom/shop.
21. Any Traffic Challan during delivery will be borne by buyer.
22. We are not responsible for any damage during delivery unless goods are packed. Any damage due to accident or Miss happen is sole responsibility of Delivery Person / customer. Any related issue should be resolved between Buyer & Delivery Person.
g. Guarantee & Warrantee
23. Since it’s a handmade product warranty or guarantee can not be assured yet any kind of repair may be considered.
h. Delivery schedule & Quality.
24. In case of Urgent order weaving & finishing to the perfection is not guaranteed.
25. Delivery dates committed are tentative & estimated. Depends under Best working conditions and Working Days available.
26. Any change in size, specification and design from original order will extend delivery time.
27. Order goods may be late depending upon final approval of buyer on size and other aspects of design, delay in advance payment, natural calamities, seasonal restriction, shortage of raw material, sudden non availability of skilled craftsmen, or complication of design. Buyer are requested to bear with us.
28. In case customer do not collect the ordered goods by due time it is requested to arrange for full payment within two weeks  and report for reschedule or postpone delivery. However goods will be reschedule for delivery as per buyer preference. If customer Do not make the payment And collect the goods Dam rage  will be charged at 0.5% daily basis.
i. Copy right & Photography.
29. Our product are copy righted and hence cannot be copied or made on order from other vendor. It’s a legal offence and subjected to legal penalties.
30. No buyer is allowed to take any photograph at showroom / shop.
j. Other terms.
31. Any payment made in advance will be assumed as acceptance of Terms and Conditions.
32. No buyer will be allowed to visit our factory without our written permission.
k. Type of charges.
33. This cost will be borne by customer unless accepted and checked by our sales agent.
  • Glass.
  • Cushion.
  • Colour.
  • Upholstery
  • Packing charge
  • Cartage/ transport.
  • Labour.
  • Installation.
  • Stitching.
  • Alteration.
  • Re finishing.
  • Card payment surcharge.
  • Vat.
    l. Subjected to Delhi jurisdiction only.
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