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Resourcing Raw material :
We use top grade selected raw cane, wood, plywood, cushions, etc. We ensure best quality raw material purchase through our reliable resource. We resource raw material directly to ensure good quality in competitive price and to prevent mixing and manipulation of raw material
We have around 8 to 15 carpenter and cane skilled craftsmen for this purpose. We manufacture the frame with specially trained and skilled carpenters and cane craftsmen having good experience in size, shape, and strength knowledge. Our furnitures are made of wood, plywood, wrought iron and cane as per requirement of design. We have special hand tools and wood carving machine for the production of goods quickly.
We have around 20 to 35  craftsmen under direct payroll and contractual basis. We employ very skilled craftsmen and master-craftsmen for our weaving division. We also have a training division which regularly trains new craftsmen empowering them to learn and earn their livelihood. We have also employed around 20 to 30 Women for various process and production.
We use special and latest hand tools and techniques for finishing. We have employed young and very skilled professionals for finishing and polishing. We have around 8 to 20 person for this propose on direct payroll or contractual basis. Our polishing and coloring technique are special and gives very special finish maintaining the original value of cane and wicker. We maintain a rich and exclusive look and feel as per requirement.
For cushioning we have master and tailor who take special care of shape size and finishing of the cushions. We purchase cushion from reliable source to maintain good quality. We have special imported sewing machine, interlock machine and cutting machine for quicker and better finish of cushioning.
We use different packing for as per different requirement. For outstation product transported by transports we use corrugated sheet, bubble wrap and crate packing. For local delivery we use corrugated sheets and where required bubble wrap.
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